Breast cancer model - Gift from E. Marangoni, Institut Curie

Governance & Organisation

The EurOPDX Consortium is a scientific network of non-for-profit research institutions organised by a Consortium Agreement, and currently funded by Membership Fees contributed by each member institution according to its level of membership. One of our activities is to leverage funding for the Consortium infrastructure, as well as for specific collaborative research projects.

The main governing body of the Consortium is the Board of Coordinators, composed of one representative of each Full Member (see below). The Steering Committee is voting whenever all EurOPDX members need to be consulted. The Scientific Steering Committee, composed of one representative from all different research teams, is consulted for all scientific aspects.

Project Manager

board of coordinators

(BC, Full members) = strategic decisions & management of the initiative

Eleonora Leucci (KUL), Alejandra Bruna (CRUK Cambridge Institute), Annette Byrne (RCSI), Giorgio Inghirami (WCM), Steven de Jong (UMCG), Jos Jonkers (NKI), Luisa Lanfrancone (IEO), Alejandro Piris (VHIO), Sergio Roman-Roman (IC), Livio Trusolino (UNITO), Alberto Villanueva (ICO/IDIBELL)

steering committee

(SC, all centres represented) = consulted by the BC and voting for specific topics

scientific steering committee

(SSC, all individual res. teams represented) = discussions for the perfomance or not of a particular study by the Consortium

working groups

Logistics, Ethics, Bio-info-statistics,..., as well as pathology-specific WGs

project steering committees

Ad Hoc, for each research program of multicentre trial