EurOPDX Data Portal

  • Integrate into a public repository a distributed collection of over 1,500 established PDX models across 30 pathologies
  • Develop efficient and user-friendly IT tools to optimize access to and data searching of the collection of models and their clinical, molecular and pharmacological annotation
  • Optimize sharing of models and data to avoid duplication of efforts, reducing costs and improving preclinical data


  • Harmonise procedures for biobanking and data tracking through the installation of a common laboratory information management system across the 6 infrastructure nodes
  • Establish standards for health monitoring, biobanking and quality controls, and for the performance of preclinical in vivo drug efficacy studies using PDXs
  • Discuss and disseminate these standards with related international initiatives and the scientific community to reach a global agreement and increase the reproducibility of preclinical data

Infrastructure set-up & Trans-national Access (TA)

  • Ensure coherence of procedures and interoperability across the 6 infrastructure nodes
  • Organise the provision of cost-free Trans-national Access to the infrastructure through: (i) the shipment of frozen PDX tumour samples to selected academic laboratories; (ii) the deposition of PDX models into the repository and infrastructure biobank; (iii) the performance of in vivo preclinical experiments on PDXs engrafted in immunocompromised mice within the 6 nodes, with an orientation -but not limitation- toward industry
  • Test innovative preclinical platforms to improve accuracy of the in vivo analysis and predictability of success in the clinic, and to minimise animal use, towards increased and optimised TA services


  • Ensure compliance of all activities with applicable national, European, and international laws and with all fundamental ethics principles
  • Engage in further discussions about related ethics issues such as animal welfare and the 3Rs principles and providing guidelines and consultancy to users as well as information to the general public

Communication & Sustainability

  • Raise awareness of the resources and services available through the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure
  • Promote operational excellence through regular monitoring and analysis of infrastructure performance and metrics, and adjustments and improvement of procedures accordingly
  • Leverage innovation and prepare for the long-term sustainability of the infrastructure

WP : Work Package ; NA : Networking Activity ; JRA : Joint Research Activity; TA: Trans-national Access.