EC Scientific Conference 'Non-Animal Approaches - The Way Forward: we were there!

We presented a poster at the scientific conference organised by the European Commission in Brussels on December 6-7, 2016 to engage the scientific community and relevant stakeholders in a debate on how to exploit cutting edge advances in biomedical and other research in the development of scientifically valid non-animal approaches (alternatives to animal testing).

The conference brought together people from different countries, scientific disciplines and sectors with expertise in research involving animals and / or non-animal alternative approaches. Through scientific presentations and panel discussions attendees explored the current benefits and limitations of different models, and considered how to improve the quality and predictivity of models used in research, including approaches to accelerate non-animal alternatives.

Very promising alternatives were presented and discussed like organ-on-chip and in silico approaches, but also other ways to comply with the 3Rs (Reduce, Refine, Replace) such as non-invasive imaging. As well as the need for following the ARRIVE guidelines when reporting on in vivo work in order to increase the reproducibility of data, and the need to report on negative results, all to contribute to reducing the number of animals used.

It is crucial to the members of the EurOPDX Consortium to embrasse these issues by designing studies and reporting results in full compliance with the European Directives and the 3Rs. In addition, many of our activities contribute to the 3Rs, such as the development of ex vivo PDX-derived cells for prescreening of models and reduction in the number of animals (if not replacement by avoiding unnecessary in vivo experiments). See previous News on Bruna et al. Cell 2016 article.

Presentations, videos, and the report from the conference are now available at Our poster is included in the conference content.