Special focus: the gastric carcinoma PDX collection established at the University of Turin

The team of Prof. Silvia Giordano and Dr. Simona Corso at the Department of Oncology, University of Torino/Candiolo Cancer Institute, FPO-IRCCS (Candiolo, Italy) have, over the past few years, established a unique collection of gastric carcinoma PDX models.

Gastric tumour samples and matched normal samples were obtained from patients undergoing surgery in 12 Italian Hospitals. These were used to build a platform of 140 gastric models including 21 derived from tumours of the gastro-oesophageal junction. Targeted sequencing (using a panel of gastric-specific genes defined by the TCGA), gene expression data, MSI and EBV statuses are available for most models and characterisation is being completed. 2D cell lines and organoids are also available for many models.

This gastric PDX platform represents a unique resource to validate biologically relevant targets and assist the clinical development of novel combination strategies for this disease, for which the use of targeted therapies is much less common than in other cancer types.

An article describing the collection is in preparation. Details of the models will soon be included in the EurOPDX repository being established as part of our recent Horizon2020 EU grant to build a EurOPDX distributed infrastructure. The models will also be made available through the PDX Finder portal (www.pdxfinder.org), and available for our upcoming trans-national access funding scheme.

In the meantime, models are already accessible on a collaborative basis by contacting Prof. Silvia Giordano/dr. Simona Corso (silvia.giordano@ircc.it; simona.corso@ircc.it) and the EurOPDX Consortium (contact@europdx.eu). Please submit a short description of your project with your communication.