Meet EurOPDX members at the AACR PDX meeting in New Orleans in February 2016

The upcoming Special Conference of the American Association for Cancer Research "Patient-Derived Cancer Models: Present and Future Applications from Basic Science to the Clinic" (New Orleans, February 11-14, 2016) will be co-chaired by our two members Manuel Hidalgo (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) and Joan Seoane (VHIO, Barcelona, Spain), together with Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands) and S. Gail Eckhardt (University of Colorado Cancer Center, Aurora, Colorado, USA).

The program of this conference will feature presentations from several other EurOPDX members, including an Introduction to the EurOPDX Consortium by Sergio Roman-Roman (Institut Curie, Paris, France).

Further information about this meeting, including the full program, is available at