OPEN CALL for trans-national access to PDX resources and services NOW OPEN!

As part of the EU-funded EDIReX project, we just launched our 3rd and last call for free-of-charge access to the PDX models, resources and expertise of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure, in the form of an OPEN CALL.

The three types of access SAMPLE, DEPOSIT and TEST are available, and hands-on training opportunities in one of the 6 nodes will also be possible for interested applicants. At the two cut-off dates on 31st March and 16th June 2020, all applications received will be sent for evaluation by our review committee.

For full information, please visit our website and download our “Guide for Applicants” and “Application forms”.

For any questions regarding the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure and our Trans-national Access programme, please contact our helpdesk.

Again, this is your last chance under our current EU grant to benefit from free-of-charge access to PDX services, so don’t miss it and apply now!