Projects begin for successful applicants of our 1st call for Trans-national access!

The 1st call for Trans-national Access (TA) of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure closed at the beginning of the year. Successful candidates were notified of acceptance of their projects at the end of March 2019, and we are pleased to announce that these projects are now underway, covering a diverse array of preclinical cancer research topics utilising PDX models!

We received many excellent proposals for this 1st call and, in total, we will be sending 24 PDX model samples from our EurOPDX collection to users in Europe and as far afield as Canada. Additionally, as part of our Deposit access scheme, we will be receiving 8 PDX models, including a single rare cancer-type model from Japan, to be biobanked at one of our Node laboratories and then displayed on the EurOPDX Data Portal.

Our grant programme represents a new way of sharing PDX models across the cancer research community, and we look forward to publicising the results of these studies in the coming years.

Would you like to gain free-of-charge access to PDX models from the EurOPDX collection? Do you have PDX models that would benefit from biobanking and increased visibility in our EurOPDX Data Portal?

Our 2nd call for Trans-national Access opens in September 2019, please visit our website for more information:

From this 2nd call we will also be offering a 3rd type of access: TEST – where applicants can request the performance pf in vivo studies on selected PDX models using their drug of choice, at one of our 6 infrastructure nodes. Importantly, this access type is open to researchers from Industry and Academia!