Breast cancer model - Gift from E. Marangoni, Institut Curie

The PDX Collection

Altogether, the members of the EurOPDX Consortium have established a panel of more than 1,500 subcutaneous and orthotopic PDX models for more than 30 pathologies (see outline for main cancer types below). These models and their phenotypic and molecular traits have been poorly visible outside of publications in scientific journals or presentations at congresses, and are so far only accessible through discrete collaborative projects.

As part of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure project (Project EDIReX), we have recently launched the EurOPDX Data Portal, a user-friendly and efficient informatics tool to optimize access to-, and data searching of-, our collection of models. Models will be continually added over the coming months.

The EurOPDX Data Portal is built upon the PDX Finder global catalogue search function, and links search queries to cBioPortal and GenomeCruzer for in-depth interrogation of models of interest, and associated molecular data.

A priority in the coming years remains to homogenise the characterisation of models across the collection.

Visit the EurOPDX Data Portal

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